Python Engineer Careers

Now Hiring Python Engineers

Exact details are dependent on the project, but they usually:

  • Consist of few developers for a 1 - 3 month long project
  • Use Python web frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid), MySQL, and Nginx

Developers we're looking for

  • Think positively about learning and using the latest technologies
  • Are enthusiastic about their work
  • Can work in a team
  • Write documentation, share information, and give occasional presentations

Required Experience and Knowledge

  • At least 1 year developing web applications with Python/Java/Ruby/Perl
  • Fundamental understandings of web security (XSS, CSRF etc..)
  • Fundamental knowledge of the unix command line
  • Ability to communicate in Japanese with co-workers while developing

Desired Knowledge and Experience

  • Developing medium to large web services (10's of users to - 100's of thousands of users)
  • Developing web applications with a python web framework (Django/Flask/Pyramid)
  • Experience planning and implementing web APIs and an understanding of REST
  • Operating AWS products
  • Working with multiple developers using a version control system such as Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Performance Tuning (SQL optimization, MySQL parameter tweaking)
  • Experience with GAE (Google App Engine) development and operation
  • A blog or other sites talking about technology
  • Public code on github/bitbucket etc.
  • Knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Experience developing with a bug tracking system such as GitHub, Redmine, Jira etc..)


  • Shorter working hours than average (7 hours and 30 minutes / 45 minutes break)
  • Pick your working hours (8:00 - 16:15/8:30 - 16:45/9:00 - 17:15/9:30 - 17:45)
  • Up to ¥5,000 per month reimbursement for books (BPBP)
  • Work remotely
  • Payment for all commuting costs
  • Health Insurance (Kanto IT Software)