Python Engineer Careers

We are currently looking for people with at least one year of Python programming and web application development experience.

Now Hiring Python Engineers

Exact details are dependent on the project, but they usually:

  • Consist of few developers for a 1 - 3 month long project
  • Use Python web frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid), MySQL, and Nginx

Developers we're looking for

  • Think positively about learning and using the latest technologies
  • Are enthusiastic about their work
  • Can work in a team
  • Write documentation, share information, and give occasional presentations

Required Experience and Knowledge

  • At least 3 months of programming experience in Python
  • At least 1 year of experience in web application development
  • Fundamental understandings of web security (XSS, CSRF etc..)
  • Fundamental knowledge of the unix command line
  • Ability to communicate in Japanese with co-workers while developing

Desired Knowledge and Experience

  • Developing medium to large web services (10's of users to - 100's of thousands of users)
  • Developing web applications with a python web framework (Django/Flask/Pyramid)
  • Experience planning and implementing web APIs and an understanding of REST
  • Operating AWS products
  • Working with multiple developers using a version control system such as Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Performance Tuning (SQL optimization, MySQL parameter tweaking)
  • Experience with GAE (Google App Engine) development and operation
  • A blog or other sites talking about technology
  • Public code on github/bitbucket etc.
  • Knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Experience developing with a bug tracking system such as GitHub, Redmine, Jira etc..)



  • Salary is paid on the 10th of each month. (e.g. 3/1 - 3/31's salary is paid on 4/10)
  • Payment schedule: Salary is divided evenly by 12 and paid each month, excludes bonuses
  • Payment for all commuting costs
  • Health and Social Insurance (Kanto IT Software)


  • Fiscal Year End Bonus: A portion of the year's profit from company activities will be divided equally amongst employees (including executives) and be paid as a bonus at the end of July
  • BPContinue: ¥150,000 if a project continues for 1 year and a ¥75,000 bonus each 6 months after


  • BPBP (BeProud Book Purchase): Reimburse up to ¥5,000 each month for books related to work
  • Member++: If you introduce someone and they're hired as a regular employee, you'll receive a ¥150,000 bonus after they complete 6 months on the job

Working hours

  • 7.5 hour working days (45 min. break, can extend your break if you adjust your ending time)
  • Start when you like between 8:00 - 9:30
  • Includes up to 40 hours of overtime per month
    • Purpose: Simplify management of working hours
    • Removes the headache of applying and managing OT forms
    • Without including some overtime it would be extremely important to control if/when OT is worked. The extra overhead of managing OT would make working hours tight
    • Included OT is calculated at 2 hours / day, but the majority of people stop work within 30 minutes to an hour of schedule

Remote Work

  • Work wherever you want. No limit on the number of remote days
  • Requires consensus with your project team

Paid Time Off

  • PTO Allotment
    • Whichever come first: 3 months after joining the company, 4/1, or upon completion of your trail period if it overlaps with April 1st
    • 10 days off in your first year
  • Possible to use PTO before official allotment
  • Use PTO hourly (max 40 hours per year)

Extra Leave

  • Childcare nursing leave (5 days per child, max 10 days / year)
  • Nursing leave (5 days / year)
  • Menstrual leave (2 days / month)
  • Special holidays and extra holidays
  • Summer vacation (3 days): Take off 3 days off whenever you'd like between 6/1〜10/31


  • Meet up attendance fee assistance
  • Yearly flu shots
  • Influenza sick leave
  • In office massage (twice a month)