Python Engineer Careers

Now Hiring Python Engineers

Exact details are dependent on the project, but they usually:

  • Consist of few developers for a 1 - 3 month long project
  • Use Python web frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid), MySQL, and Nginx

Developers we're looking for

  • Think positively about learning and using the latest technologies
  • Are enthusiastic about their work
  • Can work in a team
  • Write documentation, share information, and give occasional presentations

Required Experience and Knowledge

  • At least 1 year developing web applications with Python/Java/Ruby/Perl
  • Fundamental understandings of web security (XSS, CSRF etc..)
  • Fundamental knowledge of the unix command line
  • Ability to communicate in Japanese with co-workers while developing

Desired Knowledge and Experience

  • Developing medium to large web services (10's of users to - 100's of thousands of users)
  • Developing web applications with a python web framework (Django/Flask/Pyramid)
  • Experience planning and implementing web APIs and an understanding of REST
  • Operating AWS products
  • Working with multiple developers using a version control system such as Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Performance Tuning (SQL optimization, MySQL parameter tweaking)
  • Experience with GAE (Google App Engine) development and operation
  • A blog or other sites talking about technology
  • Public code on github/bitbucket etc.
  • Knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Experience developing with a bug tracking system such as GitHub, Redmine, Jira etc..)


  • Shorter working hours than average (7 hours and 30 minutes / 45 minutes break)
  • Pick your working hours (8:00 - 16:15/8:30 - 16:45/9:00 - 17:15/9:30 - 17:45)
  • Up to ¥5,000 per month reimbursement for books (BPBP)
  • Work remotely
  • Payment for all commuting costs
  • Health Insurance (Kanto IT Software)

How To Apply

Please contact the email address below. We'll tell you how to submit your resume in English or Japanese and how to setup an interview.

※ We are also accepting freelance applications.

You can apply using the form below if you have a Google account.

Entry Form

Responses to your application will be in Japanese. Thank you for your understanding.